Honeymoon planning and tips blog

It is one of the most special and important holidays of your life, so having a honeymoon to look forward to after your big day is the perfect opportunity to forget about the months and months of frantic and nerve racking wedding planning! It is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy being Mr and Mrs after your amazing Wedding day!

So where do you start in planning your first holiday as husband and wife?

First things first – when do you want to go? The day after the Wedding? A week after or perhaps even the following year? Whenever you decide to go will help you on your journey of where you decide to go (as no one wants to be sat on a beach on a Caribbean island in the middle of the rainy season!)

And what type on honeymoon do you see yourselves having? The choices are endless! Some like to enjoy a once in a lifetime exotic experience somewhere hot like the Maldives or Dominican Republic. For those that are more adventurous, an activity holiday kayaking or cycling in Europe, or simply enjoying the sights the UK has to offer.

We spoke to our recent bride Steph to share with you all about her dream Italian honeymoon…

Our Italian honeymoon was beautiful, but far too short! We got married in Cornwall on the Saturday, had a family BBQ on the Sunday, spent Monday opening cards and trying to recover, before we drove to London for a flight from Stanstead on Tuesday!

From Tuesday to Thursday morning we were in Rome, and then we spent Thursday and Friday in Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, before flying home on Saturday afternoon.

Rome was a vibrant city, but because of the old buildings felt more like a large town. The ruins pop up everywhere, so even if you don’t manage to go to the main tourist hotspots there’s still something to see everywhere you look! We went to the Vatican and the Trevi Fountain (difficult on a hot day as all you want to do is jump in!)

We had chosen to stay in Salerno for the second part of our trip, as it is much cheaper than staying somewhere else on the coast, like Amalfi or Positano. I wasn’t expecting much but I am so glad we had chosen this authentic Italian town to spend the quieter days of our honeymoon. Part of Salerno was the “old town”, with cobbled streets, shops full of Italian Designers (it was very chic there for a coastal town) and the best restaurant we went to on the whole holiday. The waiter that served us was called Sonny and he was full of character, teasing us with his suggestion that the English accent is much harder to understand than the American one!

While staying on the coast, we took a day trip by ferry to Positano. It seemed everything there was themed with lemons. There were huge lemon candles burning outside shops which smelt incredible. We took a walk up through the cobbled streets where there were shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants everywhere you looked.


  • As we were packing back home in Cornwall, we decided to take one large suitcase to make it easier at the airport. This logic has its advantages, but I would recommend weighing your case before you travel! Because the case was so large, I forgot about the weight limitations and packed 10 pairs of shoes (you have to, right?). This resulted in paying £30 at the airport (which was supposed to be £40 but the man at check-in was kind to us!). So basically, don’t over pack just because you have a large suitcase!
  • We found the sockets in the Rome hotel didn’t work with our European adaptors, so we’d do some research on this if we went again.
  • If you go to the Vatican, as a sign of respect you must cover your knees and shoulders in certain areas, so be sure to pack a loose palazzo trouser and light cotton t-shirt or you may not be able to see some of the most amazing parts of the Vatican.

We’re hoping to go away in 2020 and call that our “big honeymoon”. Time to start planning!