Amanda K – So Much More Than Wedding Dress Shopping

When Stacey Thoume was proposed to by her partner Matt, the search for her perfect dress started just a month later.

She knew what she was looking for – something classy, glamorous, luxurious and that gave her that special feeling. Her search for the perfect dress took her to numerous wedding dress boutiques across Cornwall and Devon – and while she saw lots of dresses, she was looking for more than that – support, advice and that sense of being cared for.

And that is exactly what she found at Amanda K Boutique.

As Stacey explains – the Amanda K approach was so much more than just shopping for a dress.

“Two of my very good friends got their wedding dresses from Amanda K, so it was always on the list of places for me to visit. Before I went to see the team at Amanda K, I visited eight other bridal shops and had seen lots of dresses, but for some reason none of them were quite right. 

“I was looking for help! I needed somebody to listen to all my queries and needs and guide me to making the right decision and have that feeling that I was being cared for. Some of the previous shops weren’t very clean or well presented and the staff weren’t always very helpful.” said Stacey.

The Amanda K Difference

The difference at Amanda K compared to her previous experiences quickly became apparent to Stacey.

“I loved the whole experience, and that’s what I enjoyed the most, it shouldn’t just be ‘shopping’ it should be an experience and a moment where memories get made and that’s what I got at Amanda K. 

“From the minute we walked into Amanda K we knew it was going to be good. The decor is absolutely stunning. You get a real feeling of luxury and glamour and we had the boutique to ourselves – it felt really special,” said Stacey.

“Jodi and Carmen welcomed us like old friends, and put us at such ease, I described what sort of style I had come to like and Jodi asked questions about the wedding plans, trying to get a feel for what style she thought would suit. We looked through the beautiful dresses on display and chose six dresses for me to try on.

“One dress absolutely stood out, even on the hanger, and I thought this could be ‘the one’, but Jodi saved that dress till last, helping me in and out of every dress and asking me what I liked and what I didn’t about each one, really listening to what I was saying,” she added.

Finally it was time to try on the dress that Stacey had spotted at the start.

“The moment I put it on I was already falling in love with it. And when I saw my mum and bridesmaid Lana’s faces when I stepped out of the fitting room I knew we had found it – the dress I was going to marry Matt in,” said Stacey.

The Bridesmaids’ Experience

Not only did Stacey find her own perfect dress, the bridesmaids’ collection of dresses also stood out and she returned on a separate visit with her bridesmaids.

“The dedicated bridesmaid collection really caught my eye, so we took my four bridesmaids along. It was our first shopping trip with them and we found their dresses easily, they are stunning, so many colours to choose from, and it was amazing to see their gorgeous gowns on the big day,” said Stacey.

Location was an important factor

“I was very glad to get the dress in Truro. We live in St Austell so to have the convenience of being just down the road meant it was very easy to pop in for fittings, alterations, bridesmaids and collections,” said Stacey.

The Final Word

“I would highly recommend Amanda K, the boutique, the staff, the setting, everything gives you a real classy bridal experience. I’ve recommended Amanda K to several friends and have also had the pleasure of wearing one of the bridesmaids’ dresses at a wedding,” Stacey added.